Accelerate. Measure. Repeat.

Our mission: Accelerate change with teamwork and trust.

Our Capabilities

At S Nimbus LLC, our focus is solving customer challenges.  Our team brings innovative and transformative solutions.  Our capabilities bring measurable and sustainable results for our customers.  We are nimble with immense depth of experience to ensure customer success.


Embracing cultural shift by connecting development, operations, and security professionals to the mission of our clients.

Digital Strategy

Helping our clients use digital, cloud, robotic automation, low-code, no-code platforms achieve efficiencies for their mission.

Artificial Intelligence

Supporting strategic and tactical decision making where data works for you instead of other way round.

Data Management

Comprehensive Data life cycle management helps our clients to speed up digital transformation and ensure mission success.

Identity Management

Protecting identity of Individuals, Devices and credentials helps our clients mission to build trust and security.


Identify, Protect and Monitor our clients assets; ensures continuous compliance and risk management.

Our Leadership

Our leaders bring systems thinking innovation with human-centered collaboration to our customers and employees


Our team brings the best practices across industries and helps our clients in their mission

Homeland Security

We help homeland security agencies protecting our nation’s borders, air, land, sea travel and prepare for emergency response.


We help Armed forces and supporting agencies meet the mission of protecting our national security and interests.

Federal Civilian

We help Federal Civilian agencies provide better citizen services from Healthcare, entitlements to citizen outreach and market research.

Financial Services

We help financial services customers by protecting critical assets and providing better user experiences with our solutions and products.


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